Notes from watching the front from an obscenely sa

Notes from watching the front from an obscenely safe distance:

* Arnett out! After giving a vomit-inducing on-air blowjob to his Iraqi secret police “handler”, he was fired by pretty much everyone giving him money. Remember, kids, being anti-war does NOT mean being pro-lunatic-dictator. Oh well, he’ll still have a home until the Marines show up, at which point he can complain about the unfair treatment of the press in a democracy. I like Drudge’s Photoshop commentary, unusually subtle for Boy Fedora.

* Geraldo out? Who knows. Be kinda silly for the military to give him the boot, he’s tied with Ollie North for being the most gung ho of the journotroopers. And North has an excuse, actually being a Marine war hero and stuff. Geraldo just wants to be a bad ass. “I plan to march into Baghdad alongside the 101st Airborne!” Gung ho! Hooah! We invade, you decide.