Went out for the evening, and arrived home to find this love note. Take notes; THIS is more of what I want to see! More blood! More guts!


Once a week I have to work the nightshift, so lucky me, I get to wander the web for 8 hours straight. Of course, I get to do this on fucking Sunday night; no stock market to play with, no good news updates, I’m missing an X-files rerun, and I’m missing my girlfriends day off. I’m on hour #7 now and my eyes are starting to bleed and my mouse hand enters into spastic convulsions every few minutes (much like after 7 hours of Diablo).

Anyhow, when I’m really running out of sites, I check the Ultima pages to see whats new. That where your page comes in. I like the Uma pictures and the rare constructive criticism, but the rest pretty much blows. Today you are really one whining little fuck. Christ dude, your paying $10 bucks a month for something you most likely have clocked more than 20 hours of play time a month (week?). Then after your done, you can sell your account on Ebay and make a fucking profit! Then you proceed to bitch out Origin for being nazi lazy assholes.

*Slap on the Forehead*

Most of it I take with a grain of salt, after all your named after a AD&D; artifact so how seriously can I take you. Today’s though… today’s post just reeks of crap. Sometimes you just need to shut your hole before anything else drips out.

(Lum on Siege) >> Then the dev team decided to start screwing around with it.

Thats there job asshole, they are paid to screw with shit! Its not like they are going to check out the messages boards and do what “Pha Q, the Master Soap dropper” has to say. Yes they fuck up, who the hell cares? Its not like its having any real impact on anyones life.

(Lum on Siege) >> I might make a character just to see exactly how impossible it is to be a miner, or a warrior, or whatever.

Good lord, I suck at this game and still got a boat on SP before I knew it was going to be wiped. Its not like any of this is actually going to hinder any motivated person. I’m pist its getting wiped too, but who the hell cares, it will keep me occupied for another week or two. Do you actually think any of these changes will really stop you from having fun? If it does, boot up your apple IIe and play a 20 hours a week of Load Runner or something.

(Lum on UO in general) >> Too bad they don’t listen to people who actually play the game, who might let them know what the word “tedium” means.

Hmm… I had point here. I was getting to something… Honestly I’m too lazy to read what I wrote above… I think I was going to call you a dick or somthing like that. If I think of it, I’ll tell you later… Oh, and don’t give me any of that “Its my site! its my rants! Don’t read it if you don’t like it! .. blah.. blah… blah”. Ya fuck that, you have about 2000 links to your page. Your a public figure, take some resonsibility. Some taute pre-teen Swetish girl who plays UO is actually reading what you write, act like an adult ya prick

– Left foot of Vecna

Now, most of the above is crap (briefly, no, it’s not the dev team’s job to fuck up the game, they are supposed to actually fix parts that break, crazy as it sounds, and no, EQ is far from the tedium level of UO if for no other reason than there isn’t nearly as much to do in EQ and no, I didn’t spend 50 hours glued to my monitor whacking at mongbats on Siege until I got a boat, silly me, and no, it’s not my responsibility to educate nubile Swedish women, it’s just my hobby) but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. This guy actually had something to say. He said it with bile, he said it with anger, and he didn’t think I was named after some goddamned Japanese manga porn. Mo’ like that!