Oh Brave New World, That Has Such Outsourcing Opportunities In It

Vietnam gets into the RMT farming act.

Chinh has gathered more than ten gamers so far, and they are divided into three groups to work at their online \’e2\’80\’98trade promotion centre\’e2\’80\’99 in three shifts, playing four hour shifts every day. Staff are paid VND20,000 per working hour.

\’e2\’80\’9cThe most important thing is that we have to find skilled gamers to develop stably. We are completing standards and optimising the production procedures. It is really difficult because we only have our own experience, which we garnered from game playing,\’e2\’80\’9d Chinh said.

He told his employees that gaming is a real job, with pressures and rules. Chinh said that playing games for fun and playing game to earn money are very different, and that many younger gamers who apply for a job don\’e2\’80\’99t understand this.

FYI VND20,000 = $1.25, about one tenth as much as I paid for pho noodles at lunch today. Yay for the global economy!