Oh, Hi, I Have A Blog

I’ve been kind of busy. There’s also the thumbsucking pieces I submit to MMORPG.com every Wednesday (last week’s, which I didn’t repost here, was on the “No Russian” level in Modern Warfare 2, this next week’s will be about expansion packs). Don’t know how long I’ll be able to make time to write them, given how garrulous I’ve been here and all. Maybe by the time I hang it up Sanya Weathers will be ready to step back in!

A lot of you seem to really like posting in the comments a LOT. Which is somewhat cool but after a certain point it really has all been said and around comment #50 most people tend to tune it out. I briefly considered putting up forums but then realized ARE YOU FRACKING INSANE????!!!????? and stopped considering it. So, um, use some self-control or something. Or just keep the web server humming while I go 2 weeks without posting anything!