oh my my, you are so sci fi — The Buggles

oh my my, you are so sci fi — The Buggles

Here’s some speculative fiction for you.

Picture America under siege.

One of our former allies is now literally sworn to destroy us and everything we stand for.

They have nukes. Pointed at us. They promise not to use them first, but, well, you know.

They support terrorists. Pretty openly, too. We can’t do much about it because of the whole nuke thing. They give terrorists aid and comfort and lots of heavy weaponry. They even help smuggle them into friendly countries.

And did I mention this wasn’t fiction? No? It’s history. Remember the Cold War? The USSR?

Funny, we managed to make it through THAT terrorist threat without shredding the constitution overly much. In fact, our way of life, and our freedom, is what acted as a beacon to the rest of the world.

I am beginning to think that in this case, Santayana was wrong, and we aren’t condemned to repeat history. Unfortunately.