Amid political firestorm, Austin has been slammed with a bitter cold ice storm which reduced ORIGIN’s network to trembling pile of goo. No word as yet whether the shards were effected, but this Eskimo’s guess would be a teeth chattering no. Most shards are not actually located in Austin, you see.

From Cynthe, the far more lovelier and charming version of Calandryll, comes this newsbreak:

“I just wanted to let you know that the icy weather here in Austin has knocked out power at OSI for a while, which has caused our email to be down, as well as possible problems with the log-in servers for UO. This also means that although our websites are up, we can’t update them right now, and unfortunately, the boards are down. We have people working on this right now, and it’ll be fixed as soon as possible!”

Posting earlier this morning, the offsite Tyrant (specifically NOT on a jungle safari at this moment in time), offered the following newsfeed at Crossroads of Britannia:

“From: Tyrant

Date: 12/13/00 at 8:15 am

In Reply To: Austin is having power problems

Subject: Got through, generator is down also…

But there are people onsite working on bringing up the generator. More as I hear from folks there (phones are all out too, only some cell phones working).”

God clearly is not a UO player, and has no love lost for OSI. This is most likely attributed to its unholy alliance with Electronic Arts. OSI, the power of God compels you..

the power of God compels you…

the power of God compels you…