OK I’VE HAD IT! [Author: myschyf]

Note to development companies: This site is NOT, I repeat, NOT, lumthemad.monster.com. I am sick and tired of having to replace writers because you people keep sucking the life out of this site. Every time we get a new writer, along comes yet another development company with yet another game that requires yet another community coordinator.

This is a plot, isn’t it? A conspiracy, right? You are just trying to shut us all up. WELL IT WON’T WORK! We shall overcome. We can find writers faster than you can develop new games. So there.

Case in point — Niobe. She’s off to Las Vegas to work on Earth and Beyond for Westwood Studios. You know, it was EA that stole Great Bob from us. Maybe its just EA that is plotting. Of course they are probably in collusion with Mythic because it was Mythic that took Lum.

Anyway we wish to congratulate Niobe as she rides off into the sunset and we look forward to giving her as much of a hard time as we give all of you other community coordinator types. All you other hiring types at development companies should take note that in the future there will be a $5,000 finders fee for taking our writers. That is all.