I got email from a cartoon character today. Now, I blow off people at work, people at home, hell I even blow off Mayor McCheese if he’s standing at McDonald’s even though he’s kind of vaguely a cartoon character. But this one I can’t blow off. I listened, I learned, I was moved. UO Assist is off my hard drive, baby. Check this:

Lum, How dare you sir! To suggest that unattended macroing is an ethical passtime. Why the very thought is sickening. Lum, what you and your macroing cronies fail to realize that Ultima Online is a roleplaying experience. Skills, combat, success rates…these are unfortunate mechanics that MUST exist to support the intricate and delicate web of fantasy roleplaying that we’ve all come to expect from this online experience.

I am a bard of some renown and I have recently started practicing the art of magery. A local sage passed along a rumor that a high proficiency in the Evaluate Intelligence skill could increase the amount of damage I do with my spells. Well as you can imagine, I was quickly eager to learn this new practice.

I’ve set up a small booth near the First Bank of Trinsic and am offering to guess others IQ for a small fee of 10 gold. I refuse to practice on anyone unknowingly…why this could drastically effect their gameplay. I am quite aware that my rights end where my fellow players rights start. So far I have had 3 takers and although I’ve not gained any skill points as of yet, I’m sure I’ll break that 0.1 barrier in the next few days.

But I wouldn’t expect someone like YOU to understand the simple pleasures that the majority of the UO populace enjoys.

Neophyte Scholar, and proud of it.