Stretch-7 reports back again, insisting that crossing server boundaries does in fact hinder the decay of murder counts. He got an SRC to back him up, as is shown in this transcript (he sent me screenshots of his journal which I’ve transcribed to be kind to the Gods of Bandwidth):

Stretch: I have been told two different things now. A counselor said that murder counts don’t get taken away if you move server to server – the timer gets reset. Is this true?

SRC Felicia: Not exactly

Stretch: or somewhat true?

SRC Felicia: I believe that what happens is this: when you cross a server line, the time goes back to the last point it was saved at. Each subserver saves at different times, but at most you should only lose an hour or so.

Stretch: An hour out of how long?

SRC Felicia: That’s my understanding of how it works. Depends on which murder count you’re watching. The hours just get set back a little for short counts. For short counts, the total is 8 per murder. Long counts it’s 40 per murder.

Stretch: So, if I moved server to server, every 5 minutes or so, would I lose a lot?

SRC Felicia: No, it’s not a cumulative thing. Let’s say you go from Vesper to Yew, and you save at 1 hour worked off in Vesper, but you’ve been in Vesper another 30 minutes. When you go to Yew, you’ll be at 1 hour. If you go back to Vesper, you’ll be at 1 hour…

Stretch: How often do these saves occur?

SRC Felicia: …so you could keep doing that, and all that would happen is that the time you were doing it wouldn’t count. I believe every 30 minutes to an hour, but it depends on the subserver and how much stuff is on hit.

Stretch: In theory you could be on a server for 30 minutes and only have 1 minute saved.

SRC Felicia: In theory, I believe so, yes.

Stretch: OK, thanks.

SRC Felicia: Welcome. =)

I would make a comment here about SRCs not being the most reliable source for information on game mechanics, but I’m probably already set for several lynchings at the Austin hoorah this weekend as it is. Regardless, OSI, if you’re reading, some clarification would be nice.