Still plan on some more updates but it’s been hectic here at LumCentral (I’m still at work, working on hour number 12 now). However, I wanted to note that quite a few PKs informed me that the previous correspondent was mistaken and murder counts do in fact decay regardless of server line crossings. As one said, “He had 2 long counts probably, not 1, that would account for a month’s worth of non-macroed time”. Which is sad in and of itself.

The Lum Show is tentatively scheduled to go to Austin this weekend to mock the new Dev Team mercilessly. (I won’t be bringing a camera, so you GMs can show up too, as long as no one’s carding.) The fact that my first days off in months are being spent to drive to Texas and listen to PR on an online game… well, that’s just freakin’ sad. Like I need to be the one ranting about addiction here?