The cranks at OldManMurray.com, fresh from their assimilation by the BorUGO Collective (hint, guys, if you reload often enough, you’ll see a nude Lara Croft in your ad banner!), reviewed Asheron’s Call, as opposed to merely prancing around in the beta like an effeminate sailor.

When it comes down to it, these games have no real story, no fighting strategy, no fast action, just lots of walking and repetitive tasks as you try and raise your stats.

I personally have not actually purchased Asheron’s Call yet, as my brief experience with the beta did not exactly convince me to go out and actually spend money on the game. Azile seems to like it a lot, and as she is rapidly gaining on LadyMOI as the Online RPG community’s scary stalkerish adoption of women who actually talk to us online (well, she doesn’t technically talk to you, unless “Corp Por” counts), it is probably worth checking out, if only so you can log in and pledge allegience to her so that she doesn’t kill you. Much.