We normally don’t update about new MMOGs appearing on the horizon (partly because there are so fucking many of them with no actual coherent proof that a game MIGHT exist SOMETIME in the FAR FAR future), but I figured because of the old-skewl nature of this new MMOG, some mention is deserved.

I bestow upon you: TRADE WARS, DARK MILLENNIUM. Ta daaaaa. Their website is pretty and they promise a major site update this friday, that’s about all I can tell you. Oh, and their new developer, Realm Interactive, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game developer–despite not having even a single game under their belt. Woo woo!

From reading the website, this is Realm Interactive’s only project right now–they bought the TradeWars rights from Epic Interactive Strategy (the original TradeWars maker Epic, not the Unreal Tournament Epic), and the original programmer will still be allowed to support the original TradeWars while they gain the right to use the TradeWars name in any future projects of theirs. I know I fire up the ol’ 300 baud and dial in to play that game every day…but I suppose everyone has their crusades. Check out what they’re planning to do with tradewars and the tools they’ll be using:

Realm’s core architecture is a rapid application development framework / methodology that dramatically decreases the time to market of robust C++ applications. It provides simultaneous cross platform development through a hardware abstraction layer with an extensive programming and component library.

Ummm.. I’m sure that means something to somebody. Maybe this really is the holy grail we have here–a quake game with advance netcode. (On that note, this is supposedly going to be an RTS. Wheeeooo)