Oh, and it's 4th edition D&D, so all the mind-numbing MMO parts are already baked in!

Cryptic finally announces new “Online Multiplayer Game” Neverwinter.

To commemorate, Cryptic COO/guru Jack Emmert gives an interview to Massively where he rediscovers the joys of scope:

I’d say what we’re trying to do, and having learned from Star Trek Online and Champions, let me tell you my philosophy before STO and CO. Coming out of City of Heroes we launched to great acclaim, we got a lot of publicity, everybody loved it, but we didn’t have crafting and we didn’t have PvP. All there was to do was fight. Over the years everybody pinged us on this. We added PvP and didn’t really gain any subscribers. We added crafting and we gained roughly ten thousand subscribers for three months and then it went back down. So in the grand scheme of things, what I learned is, if you didn’t have a feature at launch, you might as well never have it. Whatever you’re going to have at launch defines you as a game.

Coming into the launch of STO and Champions, I made sure we had something for everyone. Here was the problem. By following that philosophy, nothing was polished. We ended up having lots of half-done features in some quarters. What I forgot was, inasmuch as a consumer or a player, if it isn’t there at launch it might as well not be there, well if it’s in half-done or half-done well, that’s what you get remembered for. The fact that STO and Champions have gotten better since their launch, we’ve added content, we’ve fixed bugs, we’ve responded to players, all that stuff isn’t as important or as forceful as that initial interaction with the game. So we have a very different mindset here. Right now, whatever we do, it’s got to be the best possible quality we can. One of the ways of doing that is to focus your content. Make sure you understand what we’re making.

So if you don’t understand what they’re making, you should make sure you do.