The SWG dev board is already seeing an influx of blue names (well, they’re not blue YET mind you) dropping oh-so-coy hints on actual, you know, gameplay. Well, one blue name. But he’s an awfully productive blue name, OK? So it counts as an influx.

From Raph “Holocron” Koster, who’s “Creative Director” (I guess that means Verant pays him to sits and thinks deep thoughts, and can you think of a better job for him?), we learn that grouping isn’t going to be required like That Other Game (necros don’t really fit into the Star Wars mythos, either) and that not much else not listed in the exceedingly general FAQ will be revealed for a while (“Suspense is good”). He then closed with the following Yoda-esqe turn of the phrase,

I strongly suggest you read through the FAQ phrase by phrase, there are more answers contained within than you are perhaps realizing. 🙂

(Translation – look guys, this is all LucasArts is gonna let us tell you! PLEASE find the hidden clues! And don’t forget to watch for our interview video on ZDNet later, when Rich “BoShecky” Vogel blinks out details on our faction system in Morse code with his eyelids!)

Still, knowing Designer Dragon… er, Holocron, I’m sure we’ll see some interesting design theory discussions soon. As UO vets can tell you, the man is absolutely inhuman when it comes to an ability to work the boards.