Oooh, Blizzard, I Hate You So Much! Fix Our Servers Or I’ll Update My Myspace AGAIN!

World of Warcraft has server issues, customers don’t really care that much

In any case, with no shortage of massively multiplayer online games, such as “EverQuest,” “City of Heroes,” “Ultima Online” and others, on the market, some might wonder why angry WoW players don’t just walk away.

But some say WoW has reached its 6 million subscriber threshold–no other American massively multiplayer online game has even broken a million–because its game play is easier to grasp for mainstream players. And because there are few other practical options for many such players, they feel Blizzard should take the performance problems more seriously.

“The thing is, there is no other real alternative” to WoW, [Joi] Ito said. “So they sort of have a natural monopoly, and that’s why people are so mad, I think. They can’t vote with their feet. They just have to wait. And ‘Blizz’ has to realize that they have millions of hours of people’s time hostage and should feel that responsibility.”

Amazingly, Joi Ito is responsible for a great deal of money.