Now, just in case you thought the userbase of UO marched in lockstep behind my clarion call of macroing freedom, here’s an email I’ve recieved from Kurtis Something (no, I didn’t forget his last name, that’s what it said in the email), unedited.

Guess what? I don’t macro- never have, never will. I’ve got myself a part time job and am in my last year of high school. So as you can guess I don’t have much time on my hands. I’m not sure if your lack of intelligence disallows you from seeing such things as your article might suggest. Oh and by the way, I’m GM in fencing, tactics, and a Master in poisoning. So yes, even though I don’t macro, I can PvP. I play on the Sonoma shard, so give me a ring when you’re done fakeing your way to the top.

Now, I never said that you HAD to macro. I merely said that you had to macro if you didn’t want to spend months and months prepping your character up to the point that it was actually usable. And I’m sure there’s a lot of folks only into PvM that never macro. And some skills (such as Lumberjacking) you can’t really macro at all.

So do you have GM Anatomy on that shake and bake fencer that you Never Macroed on?

Oh, by the way, you’ll have no problem finding us on Sonoma. Give us a few weeks to fake our way to the top, though. You know how it is.

(By the way, just in case you thought everyone else who read this site was a pinhead, so far I’ve gotten about 50 mails on the subject and that was the only anti-macroing one. Everyone else who reads this site is still a pinhead, though.)