OSI JUST DYEING TO PLEASE YOU [Author: arcadian del sol]

Get a load of these new rewards, posted tonight by Cal:

Special Dye-bottle. This dye-bottle has colors that players currently do not have access to and can be used on clothing just like a dye-tub. The exact shades/colors will be available to see once this is put on test center. This bottle has unlimited uses.

Banners. These banners are hueable (to match personal or guild colors) and can be placed and locked down in houses.

Flaming skull. This is a house decoration. It is a stone head that that belches flame. The flame is purely aesthetic and does not damage players or NPCs.

Ethereal Ostard and Ethereal Llama. Basically the same an ethereal horse. We are currently working to resolve the issue with these mounts not being able to be ridden in Britannia. More on that later.

YEAR TWO OR THREE(undecided at this time):
Leather Dye-bottle. This dye-bottle can dye leather or studded leather in similar colors that are currently used for armor (copper, agapite, valorite, etc.) This bottle has unlimited uses.


I personally was a fan of the idea that different types of monsters might yield different shades of hides that GM tailors could then create various leather colored armors with. But you know what? No rant here today. No mean spirited editorials from me. Why have I undergone a self induced de-fanging? Because I think anytime any company, in any industry, pulls back a product in order to evaluate and assess the feedback of it’s marketplace – you just have to stand up and applaud.

However, this newly improved rewards program does have a serious flaw, one that I simply cannot ignore. I can only choose four rewards. Before these new additions, I think I was easily going to get myself four ethereal horses. Now? God only knows. I want them all.
Good job guys – consider this news update a gigantic pat on the back
(and a shameless petition for an extra vet reward).