Runesabre writes on CoB’s Dev Board;

You will be happy to know that your discussions do mean a lot to me and I take everything you say seriously and objectively.

The vision of Siege was not only to create a shard that was challenging for the veteran UO player but to address some of the fundamental flaws that I feel the game has carried with it since its inception.

Recall and mule characters as well as the ease of gaining gold in Britannia are good examples. Siege has addressed those issues wonderfully.

This was our one true chance to try out what I felt were good ideas for the game and its players… there may never be another chance to try out ideas as radical as Siege. It has been my goal, however, to ensure that Siege does not become reduced to another form of imbalanced gameplay replete with its own hideous problems. For example, the changes to the time-resource skills are intended to improve the gameplay and balance on Siege.

In light of the discussions I have observed over the past few days, I will be taking out the changes relating to INT affecting warrior accuracy, HP using a mix of INT+DEX and the dex scaled casting delay for magic.

It has not been my goal to create a new form of test shard that remains in a constant state of limbo and tweaking irregardless of the intent of the changes. In this case, I feel it is in the best interest of the players to fall back to what has proven tried and true up to this point.

I thank you all for your interest in Siege and must say it has been nice to see players so actively involved in the shaping of their world. The major changes to Siege Perilous will be over soon; it is our goal to polish it off and turn it over to you the players as soon as possible.

As always, my email is open to any who wish to send me their thoughts.

Again, my virtual chapeau is off to Runesabre and the rest of the Dev Team, who realized when they were on the wrong track and were men enough to admit and correct it.

See you on SP