You’re still here? All righty then.

EQ has been out a couple years now, and I’ve crafted since day 1. My husband asked me often why I was doing that – since crafts were pretty pointless. My answer always was – well, some day this will be a good skill to have.

And so it’s starting to shape up to be just that. Tailoring recently received a boost in the arm (although these COULD have been in game – we think it’s a pretty new addition) for stubborn skill gain between 100ish and 200ish. Wu’s fighting armor – and it’s not cheap to make, but compared to what was available prior to this, it’s downright thrifty.

Most EQ players are at least passingly familiar with Wu’s Fighting Gauntlets. Now – we have a nice set that is a step up from cured silk for monks. Trivials range between about 128 and 158. I know those numbers mean nothing to the average person or even the average EQ player – it means a LOT to an EQ tailor.

Basically – this armor is about 1 AC better per piece than cured,

each piece also carries a small agility bonus (important for monks). The clothes themselves are nice looking, of note the pants are a golden color, and the bracers are black. For monks who basically look identical to every other monk their entire playing career, this is more important then you might think.

Stats – courtesy of the great recipe list at EQ Traders

All are weight 0.1, and magic items:

mask AC 3, AGI 3

mantle AC 4, AGI 3

sash AC 4, AGI 2

wristband AC 4, AGI 1

gorget AC 4, AGI 2

slippers AC 5, AGI 2

cap AC 5, AGI 3

cloak AC 5, AGI 4

sleeves AC 5,AGI 3

pantaloons AC 6, AGI 4

shirt AC 9, AGI 4

This should go a long way to helping tailors along the skill gain curve that is going to be necessary to get into viable range of Velious leathers.

So, for all the folks that think we never ever have anything nice to say – t’aint so McGee – we do when there is something nice we can say.

There also has been many changes in the last few patches to the world of cuisine. No longer is food and drink just an afterthought. Although I am not as thrilled with this change – it is nice for food and drink to have some small nods to gameplay. My baker always cooked for the fun factor – but adding mechanics that affect stats is a nice touch.

Here are a couple examples – granted, the better ones.

Pickled Dragon – STR 3, STA 3, DEX 3, CHA 3, WIS 3, INT 3,


Pickled Wurm – STR 1, DEX 1, STA 1, WIS 1, INT 1,CHA 1, AGI 1

In the old world recipes – most of the racial dishes have small stat bonuses – myself – I always make smoked wood elf just to give that hungry ogre I’d meet. Ummm ummm good – just like momma used to make.

Dwarf chops – STR 2, STA 2

Elven veal – DEX 1, WIS 1, AGI 1, INT 1

Gnome kabob – DEX 2, INT 2

Hot & spicy toelings – DEX 2, AGI 2

Smoked wood elf – WIS 2, AGI 2

It would appear some work is being done in the drink categories as well – with the researchers at EQ traders reporting two brewable drinks so far (nonalcoholic) with small bonuses.

Karana brown tea: +1 sv poison

Sylvan berry juice: AGI 1

These recipes are going to rock no one’s world, however they might open the eyes of the muffin and milk set. It certainly won’t HURT to have food do more than it traditionally has – and it’s a good thing to give bakers and brewers more of an opening when talking about their wares. Have you hugged your local baker today?