Back from e3. Sensory overload as always. I was actually at the show for only about a day, it was all my old eyes and ears could take. Quite a few interesting new MMOs coming soon, we still live in interesting times.

From the corpnews forums, apparently SCEA likes eBay. (I don’t have an LA Times account, so can’t actually read/link the original article.) Dundee at SOE was quick to point out in the thread that SOE != SCEA and no, you’re not going to be able to buy your Ragebringer or your force crystals from a shopping cart any time soon, thankfully. I’m sure someone will do this, though (Simutronics already does something similar I believe, and they’re sort of teetering on the MMO/MUD divider), and I’m equally sure it will be a really bad idea. And I’m sure someone will insist I’m really, really wrong. 🙂

Anyway, I yoinked the old commenting system since Blogger apparently wants your first born before it will let you post. Everything should be ooookaaaaay now. Or not.