Got this note this morning. Got some comments afterward. BOY do I have comments afterward.


Subject: A Reply You Won’t Reply To

Just a suggestion…

You may want to stop using six month old stories in attempts to garner attention for yourself.

It’s beginning to look desperate.

I haven’t done anything that needs mention in months, and it’s kind of disturbing you still cling to MY mistake as the big fallacy, rather than the other side of the incident. Maybe all that fantasizing about LadyMOI has gone to your head, but if you remember
correctly, I wasn’t the one insulting everyone involved with the game you’re so obsessed with.

I’m just the one that decided other people needed to hear about it, just like you do, every time you post something controversial or derogatory about someone else. If I shot off a long string of obscenities at you, more than likely you’d post it on your page and pass me off as another fanatic disillusioned with his place in UO subculture. But no one would brand you as the bad guy; no, they’d offer you a Celebrity Chat on Stratics, post a link to you page on every subsite they own, and make sure to kiss your ass every opportunity they get.

But should I expect a negative celebrity to attempt to see a different side of his narrow opinion? No, I don’t think so…

So I’ll leave you to continue to dredge up old news in an attempt to give yourself that much longer in the UO limelight. I just hope when the karma comes around (no, I’m not talking about something you get from killing a data string in a video game), your name isn’t continually dragged through the mud to make other people come out on top.

-“Senith” (and no, I don’t use this name anymore)


OK. I think I understand about 75% of this letter (I’d understand more but I’m off the drugs now).

First. Using Senith as Durga’s Dream Date was a joke. No one seriously expected to win a Dream Date with Durga (and yes, I keep repeating that phrase because I’m fond of the alliteration), thus I chose the most infamous of the ex-smurfs, ex-Senith. It was humor. It should not require this much explanation, but obviously some people are somewhat slow. (I blame our educational system.)

Second. I was not “recycling a six-month old story in a desperate attempt to garner attention for myself.” I linked to the first Senith story since there is a good chance that someone who has not religiously followed this site and/or the UO community for the past 6 months has no earthly idea who now ex-Senith is. Reading anything else into that is, um, pretty damned obsessive (or at a minimum self-indulgent).

Third: I don’t fantasize about LadyMOI, save that she send me more dirt on UO2. Let’s get one thing real clear for the slow readers (I’ll wait while you catch up – it’s hard reading with your lips moving, I understand) — I am married. Happily. LadyMOI lives in another state. Unlike most of you, I understand that these two things (well, pretty much either one independently of each other) preclude any sort of relationship. I also am under no illusions that LadyMOI has any interest in me other then gaining good publicity for her company. That’s what she does. For a living. Professionally. As in “working relationship”. As in “you don’t hit on women you work with, you mo-ron”. For all of you with a clue, I’m sorry that I have to spell this all out, but as I said, we obviously need to make some time for the slow readers to catch up.

Fourth: Regarding “shooting off long strings of obscenities.” Ultima Online is a game for adults. It is rated “M”. That means Mature (yet another in those long series of ironies I enjoy about this game). This website is also for adults. Occasionally I will use foul language. If you don’t like it, fuck off.

Fifth: “But no one would brand you as the bad guy; no, they’d offer you a Celebrity Chat on Stratics, post a link to you page on every subsite they own, and make sure to kiss your ass every opportunity they get.”. I thought being labelled a Celebrity by Stratics was such a joke, I made references to my transformation to a Puff Daddy-esque monstrosity for MONTHS. And if you don’t believe me, ask my posse; they’ve been told to agree with anything I say. And, as regular readers of this site have undoubtably picked up on, I publish flames such as this far more often than ass-kissing.

Sixth: Just like the first time ex-Senith was a news story, I’ve spent WAY too much time on this. Just remember this – I don’t make any money off this site, I don’t really keep track of how many people show up, and I couldn’t care less what you think. All this site is, is a long drawn out screed of my opinion. If you don’t like it, well, you know, it’s a big Internet out there, and I’m sure you can find other sites to go to. I suggest this one.