Patch Day Goes Poorly For Some, Well For Others

Poorly: Blizzard, which decided Lich King’s release was going so well it was time to remind people what haphazard maintenance looks like.

Better: Few complaints, still some class balance issues

Vice President

  • The Vice President has been correctly reclassified as a pet.
  • No longer immune to damage from the Legislative and Judicial classes.
  • The Vice President will no longer aggro on friendly targets. This bug was identified with Ranged Attacks and the Head Shot ability.
  • Reveal Identity: this debuff will no longer be able to target Covert Operatives.
  • Messages to and from the Vice President will now be correctly saved to the chat log.
  • A rendering bug was affecting the Vice President’s visibility, making him virtually invisible to the rest of the server. This has been addressed.

Note the developer response to QA testing, helpfully posted in the comments thread of that post a few down.

Reputation with various factions are being rebalanced. The gradated reputation scale was erroneously being overwritten by the binary For Us/ Against Us flag.

–Legacy scale has been restored. Please note that this use of fuzzy logic closely resembles the v.2000 and previous, which led to the v.2001.9.11 disaster, which, even if handled incorrectly, still has not been solved.

(Thanks to Darius at Tiny Subversions for the link)