PERFECT GAME, ACT TWO [Author: Lietgardis]

While at a friends house this weekend who actually got me started playing AC, said that he wanted to dupe items. I said that I was pretty sure its impossible but we decided to try everything we could think of. Surprisingly, after 20 minutes we had duped our first item and after 1 hour we had perfected the art of duping. We just handed out 5 sets of GSA in DT newbie towns because AC is now officially dead. … So anyways, just to give everyone fair warning, duping items is wicked easy and everyone should be forewarned. AC Vault Boards

Go out and dupe all you can, kids! Because bugs in the code aren’t your fault and it would be unethical for you to be banned for exploiting them!

Disclaimer: does not condone the use of game exploits. With this information, you should realize that any content advocating the use of said exploits is stated with irony. Even if you won’t get banned for using them.