Savant asked this particular person to tone things down a bit until the PvP system was fully implemented. Rathpig chose not to do so. Continually waiting by the Sipas gate just outside town, a nice little group of gankers including Rathpig proceeded to azzrap0r every person that came by, pre-statloss UO style. They amassed tons of PhAt L3wTs and pounded on their chest repeatedly. (Note: There really isn’t a lot of l3wt yet in FA, but I am sure it felt good to the gankers all the same)

Enter Savant.

‘Shasta’, a god-type character (played by Savant of course) was watching the action (invisible) after numerous requests from players to have this group stopped so they could actually TEST the game. ‘Shasta’ proceeds to make mincemeat out of a couple griefers including ‘Rathpig’ and his account is subsequently deleted.

There’s always a flipside.

This was posted by Rathpig’s wife following the deletion:

It appears that Rathpig has been banned from Fallen Age. I don’t know why he was banned but since his password no longer works and he can no longer post I must assume this to be the case. For those who do not know I am his wife and he has asked me to post the following:

Tonight while I was doing a little PKing it seems “someone” (named Shasta) decided to test the god client. I can handle that fact. I was kinda fun to get killed by someone doing 150+ damage a hit with my special attacks doing 1 damage. hehe, I told ya Gamemaster killing was going to be the FA solution to PKs. (This could be a “built” char, but it wasn’t “built” in the same areas where the testers play.)

But its seems that “someone” decided to pull my pasword after I got booted from the game. Hey, it made my decision about leaving the beta easy.

What I have a problem with is the lame way this “banning” was accomplished. No one at Netamin informed me of any infraction, nor was I informed that I was “banned”. I got “GM” killed and booted —– All this after Netamin has stated they would not ban people for “PK”ing.

OK, I understand Savant – my recent posts hit a little too close to home and you are circling the wagons for the upcoming press reviews of your beta. I beleive some of the assumptions I have made are very close to the truth because I have done a little looking into the situation. Nice move btw “Shasta” GM kill & kick/ban combo.

Its been fun playing with alot of you people, and I’m sure some of you hate my guts. ;P Either way you feel perhaps I made a small impact for the better in the final game. I’m not going to say bad things about Fallen Age in other forums, or bad things about Netamin. I really did (do) wish for the best out of this game. It is what it is, nothing spectacular, but could have a niche market.

Everyone have fun and please don’t stop demanding Savant for information. If Fallen Age wants to use “Its Your World Now” as a slogan – make them live the hype.

Just don’t follow the company BS blindly – OSI was once a great company with real concern for their product. Now look at them. And 3 weeks in the beta, Netamin begins to act alot like post-EA OSI. Hmmmmmmmmmmm……..

Well Savant was he banned for pking or for posting? Either way I feel that Rathpig was banned unfairly. You took the time to ban him and keep him from posting but could not send a simple email informing him of being banned and why. I guess I will probably next on your list for speaking out about this issue but I will not keep silent.

It seems that Rathpig has been pretty vocal as of late on the Fallen Age beta boards. His posts were often articulate but had a flavor probably not conducive to folks over at Netamin.

Anywhooo, the beta boards erupted with furor from both sides. Many asking Savant for a response about his actions last night.

Savant replied with:

There were some very clear goals I had when we were preparing to launch Beta, and when I was setting up some of our policies.

The outline was simple; I would treat every player like an adult human being, as I would expect to be treated if I were the player. In return, I’d give the benefit of the doubt to your (the players’) maturity and sense of acting responsibly.

Until now, I have been quite impressed by all of you, and am continually impressed by all of you. “Player Justice” within a game may be a myth, but treating your player with respect and expecting the same in return is most definitely not.

DC is a fine example of this trust. They were asked to come test the PvP system, but when it began to hamper the enjoyment of the non-pvp players, because the full system was yet to be implemented or tested, I made a good faith request that they stop… and stop they did. This is exactly the kind of response I was hoping from our players.

Give the player credit, rather than treating him like the enemy, and he will prove to you he is deserving of it.

Two of the clear signs of faith we had on our players was our lack of an NDA, and our policy to not ban frivolously.

There was a “bigger picture” when it came to Rathpig’s banning, and I’d like to explain it to you so that you have a better understanding of why I came to the decision I did. You may or may not agree with it, but I again trust your better judgement to understand the bigger picture.

His posts, in and of themselves, were not a cause for concern. After all, he is entitled to his opinion, and it is our job to listen to all player concerns and criticisms.

However, when you couple his negative tone regarding the company with the handful of emails I received this evening:

Hello, 6:30 pm on Monday night and Rathpig is killing innocent people at the sipas gate. Why are you allowing this? No one can fight the sipas area. I personally with my own eyes saw her kill Airwolf as soon as she came thru the gate. Dont you realize that the good people will quit? I refuse to pk and i wont stay where there is killing of innocents.

I went into the game invisible after the emails and watched for myself what was happening. It became clear that he was not here for the benefit of the game, your game, any longer. The tone of his posts coupled by his actions after a reasonable request I had made to allow other players some peace until the PvP system was implemented made it quite clear that he was here to defy the sense of sanctity of the Beta.

Well, there you have it.