PLANES OF MISCHIEF [Author: myschyf]

I’m a little less impressed by what appears to be a bit of deception on the part of Verant. I’m not too sure what, exactly is going on here. Ester the Tester posted at the beginning of January that the Planes of Mischief would finally be available, a couple of weeks after the SOV release. Absor posted two days later that no, the Planes of Mischief were actually available but that no one had found them yet. Two days ago, Triton Guild finally finds the Planes (the first to do so, to my knowledge) and they find them incomplete. Ester showed up during their tour of the Planes and promised a patch tomorrow but that it is incomplete speaks that it may not have been there all along. That is something of a dissapointment, to say the least. I was extremely happy to find out that something that was supposed to be very hard to find was, in actuality, very hard to find. However all bets are off if it was actually nonexistent, which I suppose does fit the bill for being hard to find. When we are told that something is hard to find we expect it to, you know, really be available and not a promised feature for the future.

Granted, game companies releasing expansions without all features in place is nothing new. Nonetheless I hate to see this become a regular feature in the MMOG world. It just widens that gap between player and game company that much more and makes everyone trust each other a little less. Not something we really need to see in the already strained world of player/developer relations.