Sometimes you can’t make stuff up like this.

Q: How can you be a dragon and a Christian at the same time?

A: Many shifters worry that they are so strange that they can never be accepted into the Body of Christ. That’s not true and its not being fair to Christians. We Christians accept people from all walks of life. I’m proof of that.

I have been told that my shifter feelings are a lie from satan and that God has a plan for me in this human body. Well I don’t know what that plan is, and as far as I can see, that divine plan will never see fruition because I feel too much like a loser to implement it.

So I need to be a dragon, a beautiful and powerful dragon that’s fears not what men can say or do and attracts many followers. If I was a dragon, I could do so much good for this world because my self-confidence would return to me. I pray constantly to God to change me, and He tells me to wait.

If I can handle being a Christian, you can too, because I’m more f***** up than you are.

So, to encapsulate: if you’re a guy, and you feel that way about other guys, God wants nothing to do with you. If you’re a guy, and you feel that way about Starfleet officers that are kind of like an ocelot or something, well, come on in!

(Link from Boingboing. I predict SomethingAwful will shut this site down five minutes from …now.)