Gamespy has an interview with Josh McCloskey of C|Net’s Gamecenter over the recent Gamecenter Alliance closing:

GameSpy: What is the main factor behind ending the affiliate program? Was there not enough traffic on these sites or was the program not generating enough revenue?

Gamecenter: The Gamecenter Alliance had achieved both its primary and secondary goals, which were to increase traffic to Gamecenter, and to promote independent Web sites that offered high-quality gaming editorial. We will now be able to re-dedicate resources from the Alliance directly back into Gamecenter, thus making Gamecenter more profitable in the future.

So, in other words, “yeah, you’re screwed, but hey! We’re going to be just ducky!” And you know, isn’t that really what’s important? Unlike, you know, the people who were shafted. Go Capitalism!

Also, rumors have been crossing my desk about UGO cutting their payment rates to their affiliates by half; no confirmation on that one yet.

Oh well, someone, somewhere will figure out how to make gaming stories on the web pay…