That something, according to more than one source, was to brutally beat charming high-level giants in Kael with Abashi’s Rod of Disempowerment.

Now, it’s understood that Verant can’t have people just walking up and repeatedly pimpslapping the Avatar of War. It’s bad for business. People get cocky, and they start thinking they can do things. Silly things, like waking up the Sleeper five or so months ahead of time.

The problem with this particular solution is that it’s made the entire enchanter class nearly useless on a Kael raid, and not just for knocking off the Avatar of War. Enchanters in Kael are now relegated to casting Clarity before the fight, then casting Tashani during the fight and waiting to die for it.

To quote an understandably pissed Enchanter named Dashi Primus of Shock of Swords:

“Words cannot describe my thoughts on this……

Chanters finally get a REAL role to play in an uber fight, we get to do it 2 times and they nerf it. I am so disappointed at VI rash decsions and stealth nerfs to prevent a mob from being killed on ONE server. They did this to prevent us from killing AoW because they didn’t want him dead. I can accept that really I can. Their nerf has EQ wide results though that is total BS.”

The funny thing about this (if there IS a funny thing about this) is that all this will do is force the tacticians to come up with a new strategy. One that doesn’t include Enchanters.

Even if I agreed with the reasons why, I tend to think there had to be a better way.