R0X0RED! [Author: Lum the Mad]

More news from the as-incredibly-stupid-as-it-sounds “Cyberathletic Professional League” tournament (you know, CYBER athletes. They do the clean-and-jerk with COMPAQs.) In addition to the controversy over the championship match between Blue “Not The News Guy” and Excaliber “I Meant To Spell It That Wey”, it seems that the judges are getting, well, frag-happy.

He then pointed to a row of systems and said, \’e2\’80\’9cYou\’e2\’80\’99ll be playing on this row.\’e2\’80\’9d I asked, \’e2\’80\’9cAnywhere on this row?\’e2\’80\’9d He replied, \’e2\’80\’9cYes.\’e2\’80\’9d At this point I said only, \’e2\’80\’9cexcellent.\’e2\’80\’9d Next he squared himself off so we were face to face in very close proximity and said, \’e2\’80\’9cOne more thing, I don\’e2\’80\’99t want to hear any more shit from you!!\’e2\’80\’9d I was somewhat stunned, and again, it was 10 in the morning which is not a time I\’e2\’80\’99m normally up and about. I said, \’e2\’80\’9cExcuse me?\’e2\’80\’9d He repeated his sentiment a bit louder. I requested to know what the deal was and he explained, \’e2\’80\’9cI can kick you out of here for complaining, it\’e2\’80\’99s against the rules.\’e2\’80\’9d Now at this point I\’e2\’80\’99m not even sure what he\’e2\’80\’99s talking about because I haven\’e2\’80\’99t lodged any complaint \’e2\’80\ldblquote when I complain, it comes on paper. Now however, I have something to say to this person, so I carefully and calmly said, \’e2\’80\’9cExcuse me. I\’e2\’80\’99m not sure what the problem is, but do not curse at me.\’e2\’80\’9d He insisted he didn’t curse at me, and the gentlemen to my left informed him that he had. When he realized what he’d said he seemed taken back by the situation. Next he shoved me in the left chest with his right hand and insisted I apologize to him. Can you imagine this? He curses at me, assaults me, and now I am supposed to apologize to HIM!?!?! I just stood there trying to grasp this situation while the gentlemen to my left requested simply, “Hey man, take your hands off him.” After a moment I uttered only, \’e2\’80\’9cChill man, it\’e2\’80\’99s only a game.\’e2\’80\’9d He then went around the rope between us off to my left walking quickly saying, \’e2\’80\’9cThat\’e2\’80\’99s it!\’e2\’80\’9d proceeding to go get his two off duty Dallas Police Officers to have me ejected from the tournament. This witness to this was as baffled as I was, none the less, we were both ejected. At this point I’m trying to grasp the fact that I’ve just been kicked out of the competition.

Check out the guy’s web page for the full recap, complete with annoying wizard that pops up in the middle of your screen and offers helpful commentary. You know, I can’t make this stuff up.