Racist hogwash, Errol Flynn and Dr. Twister all in one package. Who’d a thunk it? [Author: myschyf]

The Dr. Twister network, known for.. well Dr. Twister, now brings us this little beauty.

I have to say I’m getting pretty fed up with the rampant racism I’m seeing and its fucking everywhere — on Lum’s forum, on r33t (thank goodness THAT particular piece of shit is gone), and now we have Galad: the lewter, the racist, a man secure in his manhood and with an almost unhealthy fixation on Errol Flynn. If he would just throw a swastika, an upside down pink triangle, and a burning cross on the site he’d then have all the major hate groups covered and REALLY have something to brag about.

WTF is wrong with this little dipshit anyway? There’s no KKK chapter where he lives? There wasn’t enough racist crap on the internet and in our lives so he just had to interject a little more? Can’t find the Arian Nation in the phone book? Massive inferiority complex? Abused by Asian people as a child?

There’s nothing funny about this site. At its absolute worse it is horrifying simply because the author thinks its funny. At its best its either sad or disgusting or both.

And don’t even get me started on how lame his methods of looting are. This little twerp probably couldn’t pk a macroing newbie fisherman who had lost connection. He probably thinks an orc mask is ph4t l3wt.

You know when I first started writing this I was going to blast DTN for allowing this site to even exist on their network. On the other hand where else would you expect to even see it. Then the ‘I hate censorship’ demons raised a cacophony so loud I was driven from the keys momentarily. However these boys have a message board (such as it is — the level of illeratcy displayed astounds even myself. I truly thought I had seen it all) and I suppose if you don’t like what these morons have to say you can let them know there. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you Mys can’t drop a ‘subtle’ hint ::grins::).