Great news, everyone. We’re going to be resuming full coverage of Nintendo games on this channel!

As you may know, Nintendo issued a lawsuit against our parent company for allegedly violating certain Nintendo trademarks and copyrights in a Pokemon guide which competed with one of their official guides. We were puzzled by their action, and while our lawyers reviewed Nintendo’s allegations, as a safety measure we decided not to risk any other coverage of Nintendo products in case Nintendo found further reason to sue.

But having reviewed the situation, our legal team have confirmed that our use of Nintendo images on Daily Radar was and remains completely legal, and so they have given us the go ahead to resume usual coverage.

Hopefully this won’t affect our ability to bring you Nintendo news in the future and we’re just glad the legal eagles have sorted things out for Daily Radar. Sorry you guys had to suffer for this brief interlude, and tomorrow, things will be right back to normal!

Yours Sincerely,

Frank O’Connor

Executive Producer

Daily Radar

I have brushed away the dust from the long forgotten UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR, and as is the custom, fed this press release into the loading tray. Oddly enough, a snorilak plushy doll came out, but in that little nappy guy’s paw was the following document:

So we figured you guys would like, rally around our flag majorettes and join the big parade down on SuperMario Street. But noooooo, you had to be all big and bad and come down here and read the legal documents we posted (well, except for that Arcadian Del Sol guy. He’s a good little soldier).

So basically, with the truth being all out there and stuff, we tried to spin things around, but still it looks like Arcadian Del Sol has been too deeply brainwashed by the likes of BruceR and others.

So like, fine then. We decided to talk to our lawyers and you know what they said? Well first they said, “who are you again?” and then they said, “uhm. I don’t remember anything being said about your little fansite, there.”

So in the days to come, after we restore all our Nintendo coverage from tape, we’ll be back in action to bring you all the latest news. Word on the street is that Pokemon Arena is the bizzomb!

Now I remember why I stopped using the Universal Translator.