> # of players cheering for the Alt-Tab Hackers: ~350,000

Minus one. Don’t fucking cheat when you play a game with me.

Don’t fucking make it trivial that I work my ass off to get the equipment I have because you can dupe money, or kill things at fifty times the rate I can.

Don’t fucking play with a hacked Taunt feature so that, even though I spent a month on the auction, I can’t possibly out-taunt you.

Don’t fucking make it so that the actual effort I put into the game is overshadowed by the fact that you can run some goddamn application your 31337 haxor friend told you about while you were going out to recess.

Don’t fucking do it. I’ll cheer for every goddamn banning of you scumsucking assholes there is. And if I can’t read my e-mail while I play EverQuest or DAoC because not reading e-mail is going to cut down on the number of you fucks, then take out the e-mail, by all means.

And then, in a PvP game, multiply all this by a hundred. Because then, not only am I being fucked over because you trivialize my effort, I’m being fucked over directly as you PK my ass with your l33+ hacks.

I can run a Google search as well as you can, you shitheads. But I’m a lot more interested in playing EverQuest, and probably in DAoC, because they require skill. Don’t fucking try to take that away from me. You have all the single-player games in the world to hack and enter cheat codes into.


Nicely put, Snow. Hope you don’t mind the repost.