RealID: The Other Side

Just in case you think opinion is 100% against RealID, it’s not! It’s actually only 99% against. Here’s a writer who is representative of that 1%.

I do love how so many people are up in arms over this. And for what, exactly? All that’s going to happen is that your first and last name will be attached to what you write. If you can’t stand behind what you write online then perhaps you shouldn’t be writing it in the first place. You’re not exactly writing the Federalist Papers here, now are you?

Blizzard says it’s moving to the new system largely to clean up your wretched behavior. Sad but true. Perhaps if Blizzard didn’t have to spend all day long moderating its forums because so, so many of you decided it was acceptable to behave like blockheads while under the mask of anonymity then you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. So in a sense it’s your own fault.

How many of you post photos of you and yours on Facebook for the whole world to see—unless, of course, you take the massively pro-active step of locking your account down? How many of you use FourSquare to broadcast your exact location to the world? What could be more of an invasion of privacy than telling people, “Hey, I’m right here”? How many of you use BitTorrent, downloading away to your heart’s content when your IP address is there for all to see, not to mention for people like the U.S. Copyright Group to see and round up into a lawsuit? How many of you use Gmail, the service that actively scans your e-mail to sell ads? If you were that concerned about privacy you’d set up your own mail server. But you don’t, of course. You only care about privacy when it’s convenient to do so. It’s only now that it involves the fact that you spend your free time casting spells that all of a sudden your “privacy” is at risk.

I have no time for selective outrage.

Hey Nicholas Deleon – I disagree with what you said.