“REGRETS…. I’VE HAD A FEW…” [Author: Lum the Mad]

Gamespy caught up with Richard “The Last Hope Of Unemployed Austin-Based Game Developers” Garriott and fired a few softballs in his direction, which he easily turned into doubles and the occasional triple.

Well, until recent OSI news, I was expecting to hang my hat with a California company, and start to rebuild slowly. Well, now it appears that I can hit the ground running with all my old team mates. So, last month, “X” seemed a remote dream, this month, very likely!

X, in case you forgot, was Garriott’s last project for OSI, which was basically Project: Entropia, only weirder. And further gossip has it that X did – and does – stand for X-rated. As in the first “adult-oriented” MMOG. Given Garriott’s rumored affections for strippers, not too far a stretch…