Remember, Remember, the Fourth of November

Ron Paul: The only Republican candidate with that ever-vital crossover with Alan Moore fans.

Mr. Paul has stood out from the Republican field for his opposition to the war in Iraq. In the speech he argues that the fight against terrorism is threatening American democracy.

“The American Republic is in remnant status,” he says. “The stage is set for our country eventually devolving into military dictatorship, and few seem to care.”

Mr. Benton clarified that Mr. Paul did not support blowing up government buildings. “He wants to demolish things like the Department of Education,” Mr. Benton said, “but we can do that very peacefully, in a constructive manner.”

I think this is probably the first Republican candidate that has to specify that he does not actually support blowing up buildings.

Everyone loves Ron Paul. Even liberals! He’s cuddly!

For more on Ron Paul (and why I left the Libertarian movement in general), Something Awful always has a nicely concentrated dose of hardcore freedom fighting. Including everyone’s favorite: fighting ad banners.