RotK: Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Really On about the Kids?

So we all saw Return of the King yesterday. Really, really awe-inspiring, in every sense of the word. It made me want to go out and kill orcs. Or failing that write games where you can marry elves. Or something.

Seriously, I don’t think it was QUITE the penultimate expression of Western literature that some folks are saying, but it was a pretty rollicking good movie. Tolkien’s epic has always been seen as completely impossible to put to film, and Peter Jackson effectively put the lie to it. So is it as good a movie as, say, Casablanca or Godfather? Nah. But it was good.

So the night before I saw Kill Bill 1 finally. Um, lots of blood in that one. Lots of limbs flying everywhere. And oddly not much Bill being Killed.