No, I’m not dead. No, I’m not going to go work for the Dr. TwisTer Network.

Yes, I’m swamped at work. Yes, I do most of my updating from work because most of the time my job involves being available at my desk in case a server go boom. Yes, the Broken Mirrors series will be updated, along with a new article on virtual economics and a couple of tales of woe from The Hard Shard (it’s easier to type than Siege Perilous).

Yes, Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek are up (I’m waiting on Zallon Zek myself.) I’ll create a gnome necro or something there and report in.

Yes, a new MMRPG came out and I checked it out too. Will report more shortly.

Yes, Greybeard quit, and yes, for $1,000 the last time I checked, you too can be the new Butt Naked Avenger.

Yes, this update sucked. I’ll have the actual content up later. Check back around 5:00P CST or so.