SAVANT HELP ME - I’M BORED! [Author: Savant]

In AC news, a new server will be opening up called Wintersebb. If you’ve ever wanted to try out Asheron’s Call and just didn’t think it’d be worth the time, here’s your chance to start on a fresh new server without the baggage of unbalanced items. In related AC news, Zone held another AC Dev Chat today. Shockingly, it was more of the same exact questions as every month. You can find a transcript of it here.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Largo over at MegaTokyo (If you’ve never read MegaTokyo, you’re missing out. Consider yourself shunned.) for turning me onto a great new game: Alice, from EA. Largo stated it better than I could:

Alice bridges that fine line between game and art…

After reading his short review, I decided to download the demo. I’m in love with this game and would like to also recommend it to everyone. I will be going out to buy the entire CD at my earliest conveniance; that’s how much I’ve enjoyed it. You too can download the 80MB demo here. This is definitely one game for you to take a chance on. Alice Online, anyone?