Well, just in case you were one of those casual players Vito and Tosca were throwing $9.89 EQ boxes at, be sure you don’t make a Monk. From Absor comes this:

We’ve decided to make a rather dramatic change for the better when it comes to trade containers.

With this upcoming patch, trade containers will no longer combine items that are not a valid and complete recipe.

This means that if you accidentally hit combine, the container will not destroy your items. This also means that if you make an error and put the wrong item in the container while trying to cook something up, it won’t destroy those items either. This will be a huge boon to craftspeople all across Norrath.

But this removes the only drawback to using trade containers as backpacks. Their reduced weight and often larger carrying capacity made them more desirable as bags, with the risk that you might just lose something if you made a mistake.

So, with the logical change in the way combinable containers work (I mean, really, how often does a sewing kit eat a halberd?), we are also going to make them less desirable for just carrying stuff around in. We will be increasing their weight rather significantly. Where many of these containers weighed under 1 pound, they will now weigh as much as 4 pounds for the largest sewing kit.

Which just screwed over every low level monk in the game, since sewing bags were the only remotely affordable lightweight bag in the game.

So, in other words, if you’re a monk (for non-EQ players – they can only carry 14lbs of equipment without serious penalty and armor usually takes up the great majority of that) and you’re not one of the uberplayers Verant seems to think their entire playerbase consists of with thousands of plat to throw away on weightless tinker bags, um, you’re screwed.

Oh, I know! You can beg magicians or shamen for summoned bags/spirit pouches that will go poof the next time you go link dead and make you lose everything you put in them!

Oh, no, wait a minute, I know! You’ll go play something else!

Casually, of course.