Search Terms Are Teh Fun

literary term 0ne word that means something different – “antithetical”
burning crusade torrent – nope, sorry, not here.
do log ins put people off – yeah, seems that way.
gm virginia uo mythic – you want over here.
absurd joke – Priest, rabbi, and imam walk into a bar. Rabbi asks if the wine there is kosher. Imam says “Probably not, and I can’t drink it anyway. What do you think, Father?” Priest says “Fish.”
blog +”internet is for porn” +point – I have no idea what you were trying to find, but I hope you found it here.
brogame sucks – Clearly someone dislikes one of Google Ads’ advertisers.
burning crusade downloader – I TOLD YOU NO.
buy broken toys – $75,000 might get my attention.
change port to play wow at work – I’d tell you about Remote Desktop, but really, can’t you just wait until you get home?
daoc gold transfer – Look, just because I don’t work there any more doesn’t mean I’m still not going to boot your cheating arse to next Thursday.
eating in second life – probably not what you think.
elgoog credit number to cash hand in – it’s like poetry in motion.
entropia ponzi – yeah, probably.
eq flowers of happinessover here.
eve isk crack – One of these things is not like the other.
experiment on curly hair to straight – the hell, you wound up here?
get cock in second life – Ask Joel Stein.
hardcore kathy lee – Nothing surprises me on the Interweb any more. You wacky series of tubes!
hoi 2 attrition – Well first off, it’s different in the Doomsday xpack, where you have to research Hospital techs to keep your attrition rate at roughly the same rate as HOI2 vanilla, which means the AI, which won’t usually research them, will have a higher rate of attrition. You can’t usually make much of an advantage from this, though, because the AI usually does a pretty good job of manpower management. Anyway, attrition is something you want to keep a keen eye of managing once your total manpower drops below 300 or so, because at that point you’re going to be hitting the bottom just from regular combat losses, especially as Germany on the Eastern Front; in fact Germany usually loses the war thanks to crippling attrition sapping its manpower to the point where formations start to shatter. Much like history, actually. Anyway, hope that helped you, anonymous Google surfer.
how to dupe shadowbane – cp -r /usr/sbin/shadowbane /usr/sbin/shadowbane2
how to win friends influence – first off, work on completing sentences.
lum broken – why do you hate me so?
nuclear hoi doomsday – The AI generally won’t develop a nuclear program unless you use mods like DAIM or EmKeiEn. Not sure if DAIM countries will nuke it up or not, I know EmKeiEn will, but that mod’s latest version has some significant issues with nerfing Germany pre-1939. HOI2 and Doomsday both have vastly overpowered nukes, where a single nuke strike will devastate an entire region. Use this to your advantage!
pinball machine firefighting – PUT IT OUT PUT IT OUT!
sony company owns blizzard – No, it doesn’t. Sorry, Smed.
stevie “killcreek” case nude – It’s like a perennial search term.
wow guild changes rank grandmaster – You do know Blizzard has their own site, right? Just checking.
ultima online rmt opinion – I bet it will be changing soon!
world of warcraft masturbate – EW. Go away.