Search Terms

This installment of You People Are Really Pretty Creepy brought to you by the following actual honest to god I made none of these up search terms used to reach this site in the past 4 days:

private server second life
cockatiel fell dead from cold
kart rider in china government ministry
ship size comparison eve
notes make me hurt
bill o reilly rage against the machine
online rape games
you suck at powerpoint
i want to rape you
burned woods eq
no boobs
age of conan future?
jade raymond fan
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15 with no boobs
how many servers does second life have?
take acid fight god
judges guild torrents
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darkfall failure
anthony ( ((((((((( ((((
data is not information is not knowledge
is world of warcraft the same as second life
jack bauer toy
i don’t know what i have been told
eve is so massive
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how to get recession bailout money
unstoppable death knight
yes i know
how to stop prostitution
free online “rape games”
is music addicting somehow
shadowbane population
raph koster mud-dev conference
illegal to annoy people anonymously
mythic entertainment layoffs
can blizzard detect gold buying
prokofy neva crank
pvp game
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bsg rp
sexual mmo
darkfall forum