Second Life, but First in Hype

From the often amusing Matt Mihaly comes this corker of a description about Second Life’s latest OMG METAVERSE!!1! press outing:

Second Life, that nefarious den of copyright infringement, nerds having chatsex, and the neverending search for the next trivial public relations opportunity, saw hasn\’e2\’80\’99t-been-hot-for-years musician Ben Folds attend a \’e2\’80\’9claunch party\’e2\’80\’9d for his new album recently. Almost two dozen people attended. That\’e2\’80\’99s right, two dozen. Just think of the impact! Why, if only half of them buy his album, he\’e2\’80\’99ll have sold twelve albums!

I’m not QUITE as cynical as Matt; while he sees Second Life as solely a platform for launching press releases and buyout offers, I see it as also keeping Terra Nova busy!

Edit: The acerbic UK tech tabloid The Register apparently caused Daniel Terdiman of CNet to “sever his ties to Linden Lab”. Said tie: a reference given by Linden’s Philip Rosedale on his resume. Apparently Second Life isn’t the only online medium given to breathless publicity over not much of anything!