See, This Is Why They Are Analysts And You Are Not

Edge Online quotes an industry analyst as predicting a 250,000-300,000 subscriber base for Warhammer Online based on… well… I’m not sure, really. Maybe he liked the number 250.

Arvind Bhatia at Stern Agee told Edge on Tuesday he came to the 250,000 subscriptions figure based on EA’s goal to break even on the game.

So all you late adopters in a couple months had better not buy the game, because EA will have broken even, and that will totally control your buying decisions.

However, the winner for industry analysis is Mark “Future’s So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades” Jacobs, who is quoted in the same article as having…

estimated the subscriber base to be “More than EverQuest (at its peak) and less than [World of Warcraft],” or between 550,000 and 11 million.

Well hell, that leaves out negative numbers, irrational numbers, and variations of π. He’s TAKIN’ THE PREDICTIVE RISKS.