Today a friend of mine went to the grocery store and was spit on, called names, and told to go back where she came from. My friend is an American of Anglo-Saxon descent. She is also a Buddhist Nun.

She wears her robes when she isn’t at work. When she is at work, she is an information systems security expert. On September 11th she spent 15+ hours locked into a secure facility helping to guard this nation.

One of my colleagues is of Syrian descent. He is also an American. He cried as much as any of us as we the news came into our office on Tuesday. As his wife was leaving the dentist yesterday she was spit on and called names. These people want nothing more than to live here, become American citizens and contribute to the welfare and livlihood of this nation.

This isn’t a time to sow random hate. There’s been enough of that. That is what got us to this point in the first place. This nation is made up of people of all races, with descendants from every single country in the world. As you go about your daily business, as you go about posting, please remember that people of middle-eastern descent might have caused the heinous tragedy, but that doesn’t mean that all people of middle-eastern descent are responsible. Be kind. I think we can all do with some kindness right now. Our government will take care of the responsible parties. We don’t have to be mean to innocent people on our streets.