SHADOW BOXING [Author: wirehead]

I must say, the more I hear about Shadowbane, the more I like what I hear. They’re saying the right things. Picture UO minus trade skills and including much deeper support for guilds and factions. Now while the lack of trade skills is a problem (see EQ for an object example of how it limits the growth of your world), there’s still quite a game they’re planning. Check Stratics’ Shadowbane FAQ for details.

The only thing that concers me right now: can they deliver? The Shadowbane dev team is fairly unknown, and they’ve bitten off a nice hefty chunk of work for themselves. They’ve commited to two different client code bases (Macintosh and PC); a feat no other ORPG dev team has been able to handle. The bandwidth needed for an ORPG on this scale is not insubstantial.

Simply put – given what we’ve seen from Wolfpack Studios, are they capable of delivering a state-of-the-art, fully and professionally supported ORPG?

I guess we’ll get a hint when the beta comes out in March…