The bottom line continues to be that Shadowbane has developed (in my opinion) an interaction of player conflict and game environment coupled with RP and PLAYER CHOSEN TEAMS that holds more appeal than anything else out there. I’m in the process of putting my finger on the exact pulse of why SB has more of my attention than anything else out there, and I’m working on a write-up of that. Rather than try and piece-meal all of you with those reasons, I’ll hit you between the eyes with the whole sledge hammer. But in the meantime, see if you can draw some of your own conclusions.

It is NOT a coincidence that every major pvp-oriented guild out there has far greater interest in SB than in any of the MANY other options. Without fail, every talented guild that I have talked to that has reviewed ALL of the options has continued to be focused on SB as the most interesting arena – my guild (KAAOS) being no exception. And don’t think that these guilds have done merely an idle survey of the options. There are informed decisions being made.

The only continuing vexation with the whole process is timing. It’s tough for a guild to put themselves on hold waiting for the next great game. The timing of getting guilds to swing into a game with momentum is a delicate thing. There’s almost a stamina-bar showing on the guild message boards. If they commit to a game in a big way, that depletes their reserves for yanking out and re-applying that fervor to a new game. SB – you should be watching those stamina bars.


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