(Thanks to all 90,000 of you who emailed me this link in the past 5 minutes!) Sony Online Entertainment has just issued a press release announcing the “Shadows of Luclin” expansion pack. Here’s the feature set:

— New adventure zones, including a new starting city

— All new, highly detailed player-character models

— Massively enhanced 3D graphics engine

— An all-new player character race

— Challenging new quests, items to trade and sell, NPCs and more

What isn’t included? Well, it looks like there’s no increase to the level cap, which isn’t really surprising considering both the unbalancing effect of “lvl 75” characters in previously uberhappy areas and an apparent technical limitation that keeps skill scores below 256. (Hint to Verant: you can use two bytes now, really.)

We’ve heard a few rumors about the “new graphics engine” – something that, in a fashion similar to UO Third Dawn retools old zones with new models and effects – and, as our informant put it, “the thing they didn’t mention is that the system specs for EQ are gonna rise substancially. Remember Kunark? Heh.. this will be x10 worse.

Expect to see Luclin previewed at E3. We’ll be there with bells on for the annual Beating Of McQuaid With Elvish Pr0n Posters. Oh, and possible journalism may also be inflicted.