SHARD OF SCREAMS [Author: myschyf]

Announcing the Shard of Screams
Origin is darkly pleased to announce the opening of the Shard of Screams, our newest and creepiest shard, on the gruesome evening of October 31st. Housed in a secret, dark and desolate location, the shard is the 23rd Ultima Online shard nether-worldwide.

The name, “Shard of Screams”, is perhaps a reflection of the deathly terrors that await in this twisted Britannia. As per our localized shard policy, the shard will be available only to undead for a short period of time. This will allow the undead to establish a solid foundation and community base on the shard. However, since undead are notoriously bad at forming communities, we’ve concluded it deadliest wise to allow the worldwide community of Ultima Online players to meet their doom enjoy this unique shard.


The Shard of Screams will open this evening, October 31st (CST) for all Ultima Online players. Special tricks and treats abound on the shard, including decorations, magic pumpkins with mysterious properties hidden in and around towns, undead and demonic shopkeepers, and the opportunity to dress as a selection of unique and frightening monsters. We may have a few other unusual prizes hidden up our sleeves, in our cloaks, or behind our masks, so keep your eyes open and watch the shadows behind you!

As a special note, if you take the time to join us on the Shard of Screams, please be aware that passing through the monster gates will dress you up as monsters, but you will not acquire the monster’s special abilities or skills. However, Shard of Screams is set up with the Test Center code to allow you to alter your skills and stats at will. Once changed to a monster, your character paperdoll will appear blank, so be sure to equip any armor or weapons before putting on your “costume”.

Planning magic pumpkin hunting? Some magic pumpkins may be found easily in the open, but others are hidden from sight and may prove much more interesting.

The Shard of Screams will only be available for a couple horror-filled days, after which it will return to service as the Volunteer Shard.