Mad Catz, a designer in Santee, California, revealed a prototype PC controller this week, code-named Bioforge. Bioforge is a rather genteel looking PC controller equippped with several electrodes which the user hot-sticks to their forearms. The purpose? To send an ELECRICAL SHOCK TO YOUR BODY. Product Manager Steven Sandwisch cautions that this shock, while certainly only designed to deliver a low level interactive stimulus, “…might produce involuntary muscle spasms strong enough to force them to drop their [controller].” He then adds that Bioforge would be ideal for martial arts fighting games.

“We like to describe it as a tingling low-power electrical stimulus, just enough to make your muscles react.”

Yeah – for uhm, martial arts fighting games. Not for anything else. Especially not for porn. Or Chatrooms. Or AOL Users. I caution anyone who purchases a Bioforge controller against loaning it to the guy who mows your lawn.