SHOW ME SOMETHING [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

It was a friendly wager until Jinx decided to get jiggy with it. In typical brash beer-smelling New York fashion, he decided to do his fighting on the internet instead of letting his football team do its fighting in Tampa Bay. I don’t blame him. If my team were as hapless and limp as the New York Gnats, I’d take the battle to any place I could, as long as it wasn’t on the football field.

So myself being a native of Baltimore, I am naturally a Raven’s fan. As Jinx was quick to point out, The Raven’s moved from Cleveland five years ago – something he seems to think will improve the chances of his lack luster Gnats in the Super Bowl. Whatever you have to do Jinx, to help you forget that whole 3 point underdog thing. Whatever you do to help you forget that I’ve heard the same thing three weeks ago from Tennessee Titan fans (Note to Jinx and anyone else living in denial: They were formerly the Houston Oilers), and I heard the same thing two weeks ago from the Oakland Raiders (Note to Jinx and anyone else living in denial: They were formerly the Los Angeles Raiders). You see, Jinx still thinks the year is 1995. If I were a Giants fan, I would, too.

The Wager:

Because websites make chump change and not even much of it, we didn’t make any cash bets. If you learn anything from me, learn this: Never make a cash wager on a sporting event with a native New Yorker. Our wager is that the loser must compose a love poem in honor and tribute to the victor following the Big Game. Yeah, I agree with you, but it’s the best we could come up with, us being poor and all. But at least if I win this bet, the chances of me being buried next to Jimmy Hoffa underneath the endzone at Giant’s stadium are slim.

So good luck on Sunday Jinx. In the meantime:



CBS (proof that our bet isn’t the dumbest)